Assignments Due in EDUC Class on 11/22:

Handed in to Ruth-Ellen: Your Case Study Assignment
1- A Note Sheet that includes when and how you will teach your learning segment do that by:
Review your curriculum with your cooperating teacher and select a learning segment of 3–5 lessons (or, if teaching science within a large time block, about 3–5 hours of connected instruction) to describe, analyze, and reflect upon. The learning segment should provide opportunities for students to develop their abilities to use scientific concepts and scientific inquiry to explain a real-world phenomenon. (You will hand that note sheet to ruth-ellen before you leave class on 11/22.)
2- You came prepared to discuss the Cazden article.
3-Your Classroom Management case study (see EDUC 510 syllabus for details).
4- Any Plan, Video, Reflect Assignments were due today (see your email and the Announcements Page) for more details.

11/22 Notes AND What to expect on 11/29:

Notes from class on 11/22 that will help you with your homework due on 11/29 as well as know what to expect in class on 11/29. Martha Ryan will be with us. Please note the reading reminder below.

Class on 11/22 opened with a Socratic Dialogue based on Cazden's Chapter on Lesson Structure from her book:

Cazden, C. B. (2001). Classroom discourse the language of teaching and learning. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

As part of our socratic discussions, we investigated how the role of three discourse features: speaking rights, the teacher's role, and speech style can impact the classroom climate.

In light of Cazden's article we turned to how our current styles of classroom communication may or may not effect the way we conduct classroom management. We were introduced to a chart called: Classifying Approaches to Classroom Management

based on J. Shindler's work on Classroom Management Orientations. And we began to imagine where we see our own classroom management orientation along the Student Centered Teacher Centered Continuum(See the horizontal axis).

An Essential Question was asked: Are you more inclined toward a student or teacher centered approach to classroom management? This question became the the focus for our homework assignment. For homework, you will identify how different classroom management orientations noted in the assigned reading including: Facilitator, Conductor, Enabler, and Dominator can effect our classroom management practices.

*We will use samples from the case studies handed in on 11/22 to illuminate the different types of classroom management orientations that we read about in the article.

Here are the steps for doing this Assignment (due 11/29):
1- Review your Case Study on Classroom Management- Bring your case study to class!**
2- Read Chapter 4: Classifying Approaches to Classroom Management (from Transformative Classroom Management, by John Shindler)
Found Here:
3- After reading Classifying Approaches to Classroom Management Please Answer the following questions:
a. In light of the reading: Where would you place your management orientation along the horizontal continuum? Are you more inclined toward a more student-centered or a more teacher-centered approach to classroom management?
b. As you reflect on your own professional values and what you envision wanting to accomplish in your classroom, where do you find yourself being drawn in terms of changes you'd like to make in your classroom management style? Do you hope to lean more toward Style, 1, 2, 3, 4 ? Or a combination of the styles. Take some notes so you can answer this question in class.
4. Read the Following Articles:

Take notes in the margins of these articles so that you are ready to discuss the articles in class on 11/29.
Note: Class on 11/29 will be part EDUC 510 Part CSL. Be sure to review your CSL homework before coming to class on 11/29.

Martha Ryan will be attending Tues. night class on 11/29 Time: 4-6:30pm SoE. During the EDUC 510 class, Martha will address the attached Book Chapter: The Role of Professional Learning Communities in Advancing 21 Century Learning Skills (previously assigned). You may want to review the chapter before you come to class on 11/29